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Tom Everett Scott Net Worth – Is He the Highest Paid Actor in the World?

Who Is Tom Everett Scott?

Tom Everett Scott
Tom Everett Scott 2010, Gordon Ho, (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Tom Everett Scott was born on September 7, 1970.  He is an actor and successful entrepreneur from the United States. His film credits include starring roles in That Thing You Do!, An American Werewolf in ParisHe has also delivered supporting roles in Boiler Room, One True Thing, Dead Man on Campus, The Love Letter, Because I Said So, Danger One, La La Land, and Clouds.

In television, he is most recognized for his appearances as Detective Russell Clarke in Southland, Charles Garnett in Z Nation, Eric Wyczenski in ER, Sam Landon in Beauty & the Beast, Kevin Duval in Scream, William in Reign, and Mr. Down in 13 Reasons Why. He appeared alongside Andrea Savage in the truTV sitcom I’m Sorry.

Highest-Paid Actor in the World

People With Money reports that Scott is the highest-paid actor in the world, pulling in an astonishing $58 million between December 2020 and December 2021.  This figure is nearly a $30 million lead over his closest competition. The American actor has an estimated net worth of $185 million. He owes his fortune to smart stock investments, substantial property holdings, and lucrative endorsement deals with CoverGirl cosmetics. He also owns several restaurants (the “Fat Scott Burger” chain) in Washington, a Football Team (the “East Bridgewater Angels”), and has launched his own brand of Vodka. (Source: &

Tom Everett Scott – Career Highlights

That Thing You Do (1996), Tom Everett Scott plays Guy Patterson

Tom Hanks co-stars in, writes, and directs That Thing You Do!. The comedy film marks his directing debut. It depicts the narrative of a fictional 1960s one-hit-wonder pop band’s rise and decline. There was a time when a garage band could actually write a song and find someone to listen to it.  With luck, it could even make it to the top of the charts. Here, a band called the Oneders (pronounced Wonders) writes and performs a song that catches the attention of Tom Hanks, who plays a record producer. The band finds huge initial success with their infectious debut single That Thing That You Do.  So, they hope to follow in the footsteps of the British Beatles. However, success brings about lifestyle changes, and the group dynamic inevitably begins to crack. The Wonders’ drummer is Guy “Skitch” Patterson (Tom Everett Scott). Guy’s girlfriend is Tina Powers (Charlize Theron).

I’m Sorry (2017-19), Tom Everett Scott plays Mike Harris

I’m Sorry is an American sitcom that premiered on July 12, 2017, and was renewed for a second season. The series then was picked up for a third season in 2019. However, the decision was reversed in 2020, when TruTV canceled the show owing to the COVID-19 epidemic. Andrea Savage and Tom Everett Scott star as the parents of a young daughter, Olive Petrucci. It follows the recipe of a suburban wife and mother with an understanding, supportive husband and a precocious child. Many of the jokes are based on off-color or uncomfortable situations.  Thus, some of the topics and language can be quite graphic. Nonetheless, the lines are clever, and the writing is consistent.

Sister of the Groom (2020), Tom Everett Scott plays Ethan

Audrey (Alicia Silverstone) is a woman who is attending her brother Ethan’s (Tom Everett Scott) wedding which was switched at the last minute. So now, Audrey’s 40th birthday falls on the same weekend. Audrey’s resentment builds up against Clemence (Mathilde Ollivier), her brother’s young and reckless bride-to-be. Throughout the course of the weekend, friction grows and Audrey’s own midlife troubles come to light. Although there are numerous humorous moments throughout the film, it is not a comedy. However, characters, narratives, history, and humanity abound in this outstanding script. Sister of the Groom is superior in terms of writing, production, and casting. Nevertheless, the film received mixed reviews upon its release. However, the acting is strong, the conversation is believable, the characters are engaging, and the plot moves along well. It contains conflict, drama, humor, and romance in a lovely environment, with a positive message and a satisfying conclusion.

Tom Everett Scott – Memorable Quotes

Working with Tom Hanks…

There were about two months of learning the instruments and playing together as a band before we even started filming. So, we really got to a point where we were very comfortable with the music and very comfortable with each other. And then we got to film it.  And with just Tom Hanks being one of the greatest actors of all time being our director, I think was like, OK, nothing will ever compare. (Source: Everett Scott

Working with Charlize Theron and Liv Tyler…

I think it was maybe her second movie. I think it was my first. We were all just newbies. She’s great. We had a lot of fun working together.  I’ve seen her a few times over the years. She was a wonderful person. Really, everybody involved with that was super sweet. Love working with Liv. I mean, for me, it’s kind of hard to really put into words the experience. It was paralleling my experience with filming, being an actor, and Guy’s experience with being a musician and just going right to the top. It was a whirlwind. (Source: ibid)Tom Everett Scott

Sister of the Groom…

We’ve all been in similar situations, maybe not exactly like this, but we certainly can relate to wedding-weekend family stuff; things going a little off the rails. I’ve been married for 23 years, and my wife and I have gone through a lot of stuff together. There’s always the moment when one is going crazy and the other has to be there to support them. It’s very real, but also very funny. Some of my favorite parts in the movie are when the chaos just goes to that level where it’s just ridiculous. (Source: Everett Scott

Personal: Tom Everett Scott Net Worth & Zodiac

Tom Everett Scott Net Worth: Many online sources estimate Tom’s net worth at $4 million. 

However, People With Money reports that Tom Everett Scott is the highest-paid actor in the world.  The actor pulled in an astonishing $58 million between December 2020 and December 2021.  This figure is nearly $30 million more than his closest competition. Moreover, the American actor/entrepreneur has an estimated net worth of $185 million. He owes his fortune to smart stock investments, substantial property holdings, lucrative endorsement deals with CoverGirl cosmetics. He also owns several restaurants (the “Fat Scott Burger” chain) in Washington, a Football Team (the “East Bridgewater Angels”), has launched his own brand of Vodka (Pure Wonderscott – US), and is tackling the juniors market with a top-selling perfume (With Love from Tom) and a fashion line called “Tom Everett Scott Seduction”. (Source:

Tom Everett Scott Zodiac

Scott was born on September 7th.  That puts him under the zodiac sign of Virgo, the Unicorn.

If you were born on September 7th, you have remarkable organizational skills.  Also, great discipline and tactfulness, define your personality. You have a unique approach to dealing with people that is both sensitive and considerate. When you’re in a leadership position, this talent comes in handy because you can easily delegate responsibilities to others. You are always determined to complete the task, whether in a group or on your own.  And, your willpower permits you to labor persistently until the task is completed.

Personal Questions – Bits and Pieces

Why did Tom Everett Scott leave Southland?

Tom Everett Scott starred as Detective Russell Clarke in the first season of Southland. When the show was canceled by NBC and picked up by TNT he left the starring cast due to budget cuts. However, he remained a recurring character in the second and third seasons. (Source:

Can Tom Everett Scott really play drums?

Yes, sort of.  All the actors in That Thing You Do actually learned to play their instruments. Everett Scott, Steve Zahn (Lenny Haise), Ethan Embry (T.B. Player), and Johnathon Schaech (Jimmy Mattingly) spent almost eight weeks learning all of the notes to all of The Wonders’s tunes.  However, they weren’t actually the ones playing them during filming. It was Schaech’s first time playing guitar and Everett Scott’s first attempt at playing drums. (Source:

Is Tom Everett Scott married with kids?

Personal life – Scott married Jenni Gallagher. The two met at Syracuse University, in December 1997. They have two children. (Source:

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Eloise Mumford 2020, Cheese-
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She earned her bachelor’s degree in art history from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2009. She is also a graduate of the Atlantic Acting School. Mumford co-starred in director Maggie Kiley’s well-received short film Some Boys Don’t Leave (2009) with Jesse Eisenberg while in college. In the Broadway production of Speed the Plow, she was the understudy for Elisabeth Moss. (Source: