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Megan Follows: Bio – Career – Net Worth – Quotes – Personal

Who Is Megan Follows?

Megan Follows
Megan Follows 2014, by Gage Skidmore, (CC BY 2.0)

Megan Follows is a Canadian-American actress and filmmaker who was born on March 14, 1968. She is most known for her portrayal as Anne Shirley in the 1985 Canadian television miniseries Anne of Green Gables, as well as its two sequels. Additionally, she portrayed Catherine de’ Medici, Queen of France, in the television drama series Reign from 2013 to 2017.

Megan was born in Toronto, Ontario.  She is the youngest of four children in a family of actors. Ted Follows, a Canadian theatre actor and director, was her father, and Dawn Greenhalgh, a Canadian actress, was her mother. Megan’s parents eventually divorced. Her three siblings are all involved in the entertainment business. Her elder sister, Edwina, is a writer, and her brothers Laurence and Samantha Follows (who is married to American actor Sean O’Bryan) are both actors.  (Source:

Megan Follows – Career Highlights

Anne of Green Gables (1985), Megan Follows plays Anne Shirley

Anne Shirley (Megan Follows) is a precocious overly-dramatic outspoken 13-year-old.  As an orphan, she is eternally battling servitude in one form or another to others. This WonderWorks/Disney collaboration is a three-hour epic about Anne Shirley’s life and her time at Green Gables.  Anne is taken in by a brother and sister, Marilla (Colleen Dewhurst)and Matthew Cuthbert (Richard Farnsworth).  The setting is a turn-of-the-century farm in Prince Edward Island, Canada. The result is a charming film with many amusing moments as Marilla and Anne’s interactions are frequently funny.  It’s set in the early 1900s (later than the book), and the sets and clothing are spot-on. This is one of the few films that can be enjoyed by everyone as this is an excellent family film. There were two sequels to this film.

The cast all play their roles to perfection.  In particular, Megan Follows delivers an outstanding performance as the lead character In 1986, Megan Follows won the Gemini Award for the Best Performance by a Lead Actress in a Single Dramatic Program or Miniseries.

Reign (1985), Megan Follows plays Catherine de’ Medici

The series is set in the late sixteenth century and centers around Mary, Queen of Scots, and her ascent to power in the French court. The CW ordered the pilot for a television series loosely based on the life of Mary Stuart. As a result, rather than strict historical authenticity, the series incorporates fictionalized scenarios. The initial storyline is historically accurate. From the age of nine, Mary (Adelaide Kane), Queen of Scots, has been stashed away at a convent for her safety. She is engaged to Prince Francis, the future King of France. Mary is taken to the French court following a failed assassination attempt. King Henry II is a tyrant, and Queen Catherine de Medici (played by Megan Follows) is a cunning survivor. Nostradamus serves as the Queen’s advisor, and the man is never boring.

Queen Catherine is ruthless, and she appears to have a plot in the works behind the scenes at all times. Her spouse, the King, has progressed from a womanizer to a lunatic. If you came here looking for a history lesson, you’re out of luck. Clearly, this is a soap opera rather than a documentary. It’s a work of fiction with a dash of history thrown in. Nevertheless, the plot of Reign is driven by local and global politics, as well as potent superstition.  Mary dances the tightrope of the French court, the English menace, her subjects, her ladies, and her fiance. People who enjoy period pieces will enjoy this series.

Megan Follows – Memorable Quotes

Anne of Green Gables…

That role, that character, that story, it made a huge, huge impact on my life. It never gets old hearing about it. The passion of people who talk to me about it is so genuine. …and the Gibson hair-do. Now, don’t forget this was also an eighties expression of a Gibson do. You had two dangerously large hairdo periods colliding. I think perhaps some of those hairdos were a little too big for the size of my head. I’m surprised I didn’t topple over. My head was so tiny in a sea of hair. It was my Annefro. (Source: – Megan Follows

Queen Catherine of Reign

Oh, I love her. She’s fiercely loyal to her son, so it’s not like she’s just malicious. She beheads kids for a reason. And who wouldn’t want hunky Nostradamus as a sidekick? When you look Catherine up, there are references to the dark arts and witchcraft, so we have the right to explore that stuff.  I think we’re going to take a lot of liberties with history, as well as extend it over a longer period of time. (Source: ibid) – Megan Follows

Her directorial debut…

Right now, we’re in this beautiful landscape of discovering and excavating the playwright’s words. It’s a process that can feel sometimes like being Alice down the rabbit hole. …I think it is a beautifully articulated look at the very complex way interrelationships between generations work and what is handed down and what is passed along. …My approach to directing so far has been to try and come from a place of understanding and to find a common language,” she says. “But, it’s really being formulated as we speak. Right now we’re in the trenches. (Source: – Megan Follows

Personal: Megan Follows Net Worth & Zodiac

Megan Follows has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2022. (Source:

Megan was born on March 14th.  That puts her under the zodiac sign, Pisces, the Fish.

A Pisces born on March 14 possesses exceptional intelligence as well as great creative insight. They have a natural charm and can exert a great deal of influence over others. They appear to be on another plane of reality.  As a result, they can be prophetic and lyrical. Fascinated by illusion, they are drawn to the occult and strange. People born on this day don’t make friends quickly.  However, once they do, they’re friends for life. They cannot devote themselves to others until they feel needed and indispensable. In romantic situations, they are highly vulnerable. When they fall in love, they obsess over the object of their passion.  But, they bestow upon that person all of the magical qualities of their creative, romantic imagination.

If you are a Pisces born on March 14th, you exude an openness that attracts others around you.  This is especially true when people meet you for the first time. You may not be the most optimistic person in the world, and you may have flaws.  However, with time, you will learn how to put these aside and exhibit the best version of yourself.

Personal Bits and Pieces

Is Megan Follows a natural red-head?

Megan Follows has naturally light- brown hair.  In Anne of Green Gables, Megan’s hair was never the appropriate color. Regardless of how talented the hair and makeup team was, they were unable to transform Follows’ natural hair into the beautiful red color that Anne was intended to have. (Source:

Is Megan Follows married?

Follows married Christopher David Porter in 1991. He is a Canadian production lighting electrician and photographer.  The couple met on the set of Deep Sleep. Lyla Anne Porter (born 1991) and Russell Porter are their two children (born 1994).   (Source:

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John Francis Daley 2012, by
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